Posted in media, politics by Adrian Arroyo on July 28, 2010

Chuck Todd joins the debate on Journolist, the listserv that ended Dave Weigel’s time at the Washington Post. The point that Chuck makes is that Journolist provides the right wing with a tool to tar the media as liberal:

There are clearly some on the right who are interested in delegitimizing a lot of the mainstream media for either their own gain or for something else, and they’re using this as their gotcha moment.

Apparently, Chuck Todd feels it would be irresponsible to speculate as to what that benefit or motive is, but he admits its existence. The situation is fairly simple: the right is playing by an entirely different set of rules than Chuck Todd is, and if he wants to push back against that he has to actually push back against it.

Journolist was, among other things, an attempt to do that. It failed, but the basic insight remains: Defending your territory requires action against an aggressor, not observation of that aggressor’s existence/aggression combined with a vague hope that people will draw the conclusion that favors you.